Day camp highlights STEM careers


Fifth-grade students at Lincoln Elementary School were given the opportunity to make music Monday as part of a special day-long event promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Educators from the Michigan-based PEERS Foundation were in Hays all day, giving the students a chance to learn about several components of STEM careers and get hands-on experience.


A highlight of the afternoon was a chance to work with a traditional analog synthesizer, using different components to create various sounds. Radio static could be heard as the students connected their boards to a power source, then many high-pitch squeals filled the air. Read more...




STEM camp at Lincoln Elementary merges tech with music


The PEERS Foundation was at Lincoln Elementary School on Monday working with 33 fifth graders in a CREATE Music STEM Camp during which students explored science, technology, engineering and math.


The Peers Foundation is a nonprofit that travels the United States exposing children to STEM education and encouraging children to consider STEM careers.


“We want them to see that these areas of STEM are not just abstract, in a book, sitting in a classroom,” Mark McDonald, STEM camp lead educator, said. “Not only are they fun and interesting, they are relevant in every aspect of their life. It doesn’t matter what they are interested in or what their career goal is, it can be related back to science, technology, engineering and math.” Read more...



Putting STEM education to music


LOCK HAVEN — On Nov. 9, Lock Haven Catholic School hosted a mobile Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Camp through the PEERS Foundation from Grand Rapids, Mich. The name of the program was “Create: Music.”


Representatives from PEERS spent the day working with the LHCS middle school students by leading them through interactive and entertaining activities that focused on STEM concepts and music.


The students participated in four different activities:

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PEERS Foundation 2401 Camelot Ct. SE Suite F Grand Rapids, MI 49546